Materiell Launches a Fresh Look and Organizational Solution With Lawyers’ Committee Website Redesign


Information is only impactful if it can be easily accessed and read by an organization’s target audience. Often, this involves determining how to categorize various types of content, as well as organizing it in a way that is both visually appealing and easy for end users to navigate. This was the challenge Materiell accepted while working with Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights on the redesign of their main website, as well as a secondary site with a complementary but distinctive credo.
Formed in 1963 by request of President John F. Kennedy, The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is an organization that is nonpartisan and nonprofit. They desired a responsive, redesigned website with a more effective means of organizing existing content so users could easily locate the information that was relevant to their immediate needs. With this in mind, Materiell worked with Lawyers’ Committee to create a site with custom functionality using the WordPress CMS. The new design highlights news updates, categorizes content into different projects, and initiatives with landing pages that boast more focused updates and news sections, and implements a more prominent donation link to further the organization’s nonprofit mission. Much of this web design and development project involved minimizing the former layout that was overwhelmingly word-heavy and outfitting the new site with a look that was more visually resourceful, using the client’s pre-existing color scheme but updating it to provide a freshly modern appearance.
In addition to the main Lawyers’ Committee site, Materiell also redesigned the Parental Readiness and Empowerment Program (PREP) site with a similar aim toward simplifying navigation and effectively organizing existing content. Since PREP’s focus is geared toward improving educational opportunities for low-income and minority children by increasing parental engagement, Materiell created a Spanish language landing page in furtherance of this mission. While the PREP website’s design complements the Lawyers’ Committee main site, its color scheme is different, albeit chosen based on the existing logo’s color to provide a sense of visual consistency and cohesion. Ultimately, Materiell devised a bold palette that reflected the unwavering spirit of PREP’s mission.
Along with the Lawyers’ Committee and PREP website redesigns, Materiell worked extensively with Lawyers’ Committee to launch sites that were intelligently organized to display a substantial amount of existing, informative content. Our collaborative efforts resulted in two websites that were customized to meet the needs of Lawyers’ Committee’s target audiences. Materiell looks forward to many future ventures into web design and development for laudable non-profit organizations. Based in Arlington, VA, Materiell has served business, non-profit, higher education, and government organization clients in their WordPress web design and development needs since 2009. For information on how we can best serve your organization, contact us today.