Materiell Caps 2015 at Inaugural WordCamp US, Prepares For a Prolific 2016


As we’ve previously explained, WordCamp events in years past have been organized as conferences and run by regional volunteers who are enthusiastic about the WordPress CMS. Materiell team members have attended several of these events, including WordCamps held in San Francisco and Orange County, California. Usually consisting of development, design, and content-focused tracks, these WordPress-centric conferences are a great way to keep abreast of the latest WordPress news, as well as a means by which to meet other members of the WordPress development community.
This past December, WordPress held its first ever national event, dubbed WordCamp US, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Materiell’s creative and development team jumped at the opportunity to attend presentations that focused on everything from discussions about the implementation of effective, minimalist design techniques on web pages to an overview of how WordPress is used in the White House and various other government-run sites such as Citizen Science, which makes use of crowdsourcing via members of the public to problem solve, interpret results, and analyze data in a digital environment.
We also attended WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word closing speech, which offered many exciting hints at what the team at WordPress will be working on in the coming year. Most prominently highlighted was how JavaScript and API driven interfaces are anticipated to be the future of WordPress.
Being aware of these goals and the WordPress CMS’s anticipated developmental trajectory is one of the many ways Materiell is able to stay at the creative and technological forefront of the WordPress mutli-site design and development industry. We are then able to integrate this information into our own web design and development approaches for our clients. This is also a prime reason why we take the time to attend events such as the inaugural WordCamp US in Philadelphia: the more knowledge about where the WordPress CMS is headed that we have at our disposal, the better end product we ultimately deliver to our clients.
Due to its open source scope, WordPress is also a community of designers, developers, and content facilitators who are passionate about the platform and want to see it reach the pinnacle of innovation from year to year. As a company who has several Senior WordPress developers as members of our core team, Materiell is equally enthusiastic about and committed to this endeavor. These facets of our company are reflected through the award-winningcustomized work we create for our clients.
The inaugural WordCamp US may be over, but 2016 has just begun. Based in Arlington, VA, Material is a creative agency that is excited to push the limits of WordPress multi-site design and development for our Washington, D.C. and nationwide business, non-profit, higher education, and government organization clients through the next twelve months — and well beyond. Contact us today for more information about how we may best be able to serve your company.