WordPress Multisite Design

What is WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite allows you to create a network of websites, all running on a single installation of WordPress.  It is ideal for colleges and universities, corporations, and other organizations who want separate, but integrated, websites for their internal divisions.  It allows you to keep the websites (either a unique domain or subdomains) thematically similar so that the look and feel of your brand is consistent throughout all levels of your organization. It also allows you to set up administrators at different levels so that the right people have access to the right pages of the overall network.  It enables the overall network administrator to easily make upgrades, fix plugins, and share functionality across every website, while limiting administrator access for other users to specific websites. This improves site maintenance and allows your users to update content more timely.

We are experts at WordPress Multisite for academic institutions.

WordPress Multisite for your college or university will give each academic department or school its own website, while keeping the institution’s overall design theme.   At the same time, each department can create its unique content, whether blogs, research, syllabi, reading lists, course catalogs, and the like.

Education and academic institute design or redesign projects are a particular focus of ours, and we can offer you all the benefits of our experience in the field.  Check out our work.

WordPress Multisite also works for other larger organizations.

A larger organization with multiple divisions focused on different audiences or different content needs might benefit from a WordPress Multisite.  An overall network administrator handles network-wide updates, while individual website administrators handle the content of specific divisions, subsidiaries, or geographies.

WordPress Multisite takes a bit more effort and it’s not right for everyone.  Just ask us whether WordPress Multisite will work for you.