Full Service Website Planning

Full Service Website Planning Includes Site Content and Organization

This is one of the most basic issues to consider, and one that will have a major effect on site design: where are you actually going to put all of your content?  We can help you to decide what information you most need to share and what points you most need to make on each page. We accomplish this with a step by step collaborative process.

Our Method

Leveraging a customized web design process, Materiell integrates
designers, technologists, and business specialists from concept design through

  • Research and Discovery of your business, its goals, and its objectives
  • Site Architecture and Site Maps
  • Wire Frames
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Website Maintenance

Business Benefits

  • Expert Guidance – Materiell ensures that through every step of the design and development process you are using industry best practices.
  • Improved Branding – Maximizing the potential of your brand requires that every segment of a user’s experience on your site is as satisfying as possible.
  • Minimal Time Investment – Websites are a complex array of web technologies, leveraging professionals reduces the need for you to sway away from your business.
  • Improved SEO – Search Engines rank websites based on many algorithms that touch all parts of your website, Materiell uses a full-site SEO approach.
  • Aligns to Strategy – Developing your website with constant focus on alignment to your strategy ensures that your personality speaks to your website users.
  • Endures Over Time – Websites often focus on immediate needs, Materiell documents each step to ensure that future changes can be easily completed.