ZURB Partnership, JointsWP Update


Materiell has been using and contributing to the Foundation project for many years, so we are truly excited to announce our partnership with the ZURB team. Recently, our creative director and lead developer joined our project manager in obtaining their ZURB Foundation Certification, meaning every part of our design development process has a ZURB Foundation Certified member involved.
However, our partnership goes much deeper than a simple business partnership, we see this as another opportunity for us to continue to contribute to the Foundation project – through both direct contributions to the project via the Yetinaut program and the creation of Foundation-based WordPress tools such as JointsWP.

JointsWP Updates & More

Many of you know Jeremy Englert as the developer behind JointsWP, the go-to starter theme when using Foundation with WordPress. In May, Jeremy joined the Materiell team and brought JointsWP along with him. Meaning JointsWP will now be actively maintained by our team of ZURB Foundation certified developers and designers.
You may have already noticed the minor makeover on JointsWP.com, however, we have much larger changes lined up. We’ve taken feedback from the JointsWP community, the Foundation community and from ZURB and are excited for some of the things we have lined up – follow us on Twitter for more updates.
A change you will notice right away is that JointsWP and Materiell will now share a single blog, with all of the content from JointsWP’s blog being moved over to the Materiell blog.
Our team has recently completed projects for the Arlington Public School system and The Bond Dealers America association that were both powered by Foundation. If you have a question about Foundation/JointsWP or would like to discuss your next web project, we’d love to chat!