Materiell Attends WordCamp Orange County 2015, Engages the WordPress Community


WordPress is known as the world’s leading and most user-friendly multi-site content management system. Something even long-time WordPress end users may not know, however, is just how dedicated the WordPress social and development communities are when it comes to user engagement and continued technological innovation.
As a platform that is entirely open source, WordPress relies on the participation of its users to provide feedback for its unparalleled CMS and often evolves as a direct result of it. This is where the WordCamp events come in. WordCamps are regional two-day conferences that take place across various cities throughout the world. They are almost exclusively run by local volunteers and usually offer two tracks, from which attendees can pick and choose sessions on specific subjects: development and social/marketing. Having two tracks ensures that both the back-end and front-end interests of the WordPress community are addressed.
As a company founded on similar principles of impactful, enduring web design and development, as well as active involvement within the communities we serve, Materiell enthusiastically participates in these events, sending developers, designers, content consultants, and even our company’s founder to various WordCamp conferences. This consistent participation ensures that we keep abreast of the latest developments in the WordPress community, and also provides us opportunities to interact with the people who make WordPress the innovative and easy-to-use CMS that corporate entities, non-profit and government organizations, and educational institutions rely on to design and develop their online presences.
In the past, Materiell team members have attended WordCamp events in locations as varied as Austin, Baltimore, and San Francisco, where the official WordCamp conference has been held for the last few years. More recently, Materiell had a presence at WordCamp OC in Costa Mesa, California. Team members spent a weekend immersed in sessions led by WordPress experts about intelligent content creation, design process, front-end tools and testing, and other talks about developing cutting-edge, responsive sites in WordPress. Apart from the informative sessions, WordCamp events also provide an opportunity to introduce others to Materiell’s customized, client-focused approach to web design and development.
Materiell is an Arlington, VA and Washington, D.C. web and creative agency not only committed to providing our clients with customized, unparalleled services but also to educating ourselves on ever-evolving WordPress technologies so they can be implemented in the most effective ways into our clients’ websites. Founded in 2009, Materiell has won multiple awards for our web design and development for universities, businesses, local government agencies, and non-profits throughout the United States. Contact us today for more information about how we may best be able to serve your company.