Avoiding Common Mistakes Prior to Launching a WordPress-Powered Web Project


The web design and development process leading up to the launch of a large-scale, multi-site WordPress web property has the potential to be quite complex. In many cases, it involves the expert integration of design and development teams, each managing a different aspect of the impending launch, often simultaneously with one another. With multiple professionals working on many different aspects of the same project, it’s not hard to imagine how oversights or omissions might occur, effectively leading to the derailment of what might otherwise have been a successful website launch.
It’s not uncommon for even seasoned web development professionals to succumb to mistakes in this regard. Gabriel Koen recently presented a talk entitled “Launches: Lessons Learned” about the design and development issues his teams specifically encountered leading up to the launches of various projects he managed as Vice President of Engineering at Penske Media Corporation. Each incident, however small, ultimately ended up guiding his approach to strategizing future launches in a more effective and successful manner.

(Source: vip.wordpress.com)

Common Mistakes Leading up to a Project’s Launch (and Beyond)

Many of the situations Koen highlighted in his presentation were errors or oversights seasoned WordPress web design and development professionals are likely to recognize. Throughout his talk, Koen described a variety of instances where something went awry prior to (and sometimes even after) the launch of a major web property. This included a project where his team launched a new feature on a client’s website that was not rolled out in tandem to the mobile version of the site, as well as a situation where a client’s web traffic went down due to an omission related to search engine indexing. There was even a project, Koen admitted, where a launch was deemed completed when it had in fact ended up never actually taking place at all.

Identifying Effective Solutions: Organization and Communication are Key Components

Throughout the talk, Koen offered informative examples of how to address problems like these, or even avoid them completely at the project’s inception. From speaking directly to the clients to define end objectives and expectations to assigning every team member specific tasks with goal-oriented hard deadlines, Koen’s takeaway message is clear — the better organized a web design and development team is, the less likely it is that any of these issues will be encountered, thus increasing the chances that the project will launch on schedule.
Communication is also essential, first in defining client expectations, and subsequently in relaying them to the design and development teams, Koen stressed. Each team member can then be assigned tasks in a manners most effective to meeting the deadlines required for a timely website launch.

Contact a Professional Firm Skilled in WordPress Web Design and Development

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