Web Development for Higher Education – The Ultimate Form of Aspirational Branding


What is Branding?

Branding is a concept that seems easier to define in theory than it generally turns out to be to in reality. Most people are probably able to point out a myriad of examples of what they think a successful brand is without much difficulty. The Nike swoosh, the Google search engine’s colorful logo font, and Facebook’s simple but immediately recognizable icon are all effective methods of branding because they’re easily identifiable to those who fall into the target markets for each company.
A recognizable company name and logo is certainly an important aspect of branding. Creating an effective brand involves far more working parts than simply marketing a memorable image for your company, however. When the brand you’re trying to nurture involves an institution of higher education, a logo is just one of many essential cogs in the machine that encompasses the essence of your institution’s overall brand identity.

Branding for Higher Education

The aims of higher education institutions differ drastically from other types of companies that have developed successful brands; well-known companies like Apple, currently #1 on Interbrand’s list of  the most recognized brands in the world, offer a tangible product for consumers to purchase. While higher education institutions are also often profit-focused, the process by which a consumer (in this instance, a student) obtains the product (i.e., an academic degree or certificate) isn’t as straightforward as simply paying a tuition fee and being handed a diploma.
In fact, higher education has a diverse range of challenges requiring seamless integration into the institution’s brand concept:

  • Student recruiting
  • Undergraduate and graduate admissions
  • Student experience and community relations
  • Faculty engagement
  • Staff culture

Developing an Effective Higher Education Brand

Whether you’re looking to improve your institution’s existing brand or re-imagine it entirely, choosing a web design and development company that can take your ideas and transform them into a successful end-product is essential. Materiell is a custom web and creative agency with a mission to help businesses in the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond develop and strengthen their brands. Contact us today to see what creative branding options our accomplished team of designers, developers, and web strategists can conceive to meet the unique needs of your business.