3 Reasons to Consider Responsive Design for Your New or Redesigned Website


Responsive Web Design, sometimes referred to as “mobile first” is the latest trend rapidly spreading throughout the web design world like wildfire. It’s clearly the hot topic for 2013.
So what is this new trend? Well, Responsive Web Design is a new design approach that enables web designers and developers to build and maintain a single website to serve to many kinds of devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.
Should your website be responsive? We think so, and here are 3 reasons why you should consider RWD for your website: 

Reason #1: Increase In Mobile and Tablet Use

Adoption of the mobile device is skyrocketing, along with the variety of mobile devices on the market. According to Nielsen, nearly half of all US mobile subscribers use smartphones over the old feature phones. The diversity of mobile devices is great for consumers who get to enjoy the price competition among the iPhone, Droid, Samsung, HTC, LG, … (and so on). However, this diversity makes it increasingly difficult for web designers and web developers to create a common interface for each device. Hence the reason for responsive web design.
With responsive design, web designers and developers create one website that works equally well across multiple devices. Right about now you might still be thinking the best choice is to go with a mobile app rather than web development. If so, check out Reason #2.

Reason #2: Mobile Web vs. Apps

Building apps might seem like the obvious solution to address the millions of screens that have popped up over the last several years. It is true that for the major platforms (iPhone, Droid), having an app is better than no apps at all. Yet how do you build for every app store? And do you have the time and spare change to do that? Consider the social media news site Mashable – they reported being accessed by over 2500 different mobile devices in a single month. We know for our digital presence that 2500 is way too many devices to program mobile apps for.
Plus, there are numerous studies with tons of data that suggest the mobile web is the key, rather than the mobile app. For example, according to the Pew Research Center, 60% of tablet users prefer reading their news through the browser, i.e. the mobile web, rather than on an app. Again, mobile apps are still good, but the priority should be on having a great mobile website.

Reason #3: One Website For All Devices

Responsive Websites allow digital marketers to reach their audience regardless of the device their audience is using. And those of us in the digital marketing industry know that the more you can reach your audience, and make it easier for your audience to reach your content, the better your bottom line will be. Forbes even placed responsive design on their Ecommerce Marketing Checklist for 2013. We agree Forbes, hence our new site relaunch.

I Think I Need Responsive Design. Now What?!

We know how you feel. CMS Advertising Group is your local, experienced, DC team of Responsive WordPress Web Designers. We can help you create a new or redesigned website that will look awesome and work great across multiple devices. We serve DC, Arlington, Alexandria, and across the Northern Virginia region, offering services, including responsive web design, WordPress web development, brand strategy, and SEO solutions.

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